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The Hebrew word for breath, wind or Spirit of God.

 May the presence of the Lord Jesus draw near as you surf and pray around this site.

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Explore these lovely Youtubes and Soundclouds.
Soak in the beautiful music and spiritual truths of these prayers, poems and teachings. 


What is a Mashal?
The Hebrew word ‘mashal’ means ‘to speak’, as in a prophetic utterance. It is also used of short that impart specific truths. In these regular e zines we combine devotional meditations, teaching articles and intercessory prayer pointers. You will find many genres represented: from poetry to teaching to prayer for wider issues (no detective stories yet I’m afraid though!) as well as inspiration to press deeper into God’s heart.
Find us here

Chrism ~ anointing
We are delighted to present the compilation of six CDs of anointed music: the fruit of much planning playing and post production preparation of well over five hours of music that spans a wide range of musical styles, and which bring a lovely sense of the Lord's presence. 

Patmos - Place of Exile, Place of Revelation
Fifty meditations based on the first chapter of Revelation that reveal the glory of the Lord Jesus and use the image of Patmos as a metaphor for tight and narrow times in our life.




Welcome to this heartfelt compilation of mineral-rich meditations which set out to capture the yearning of our heart for God, and of His towards us. As we tune our hearts to the Eternal Rock from which we were hewn let's embark on the greatest love story of them all, exploring far ranging themes, that take us far beyond the purely personal to the prophetically panoramic, allowing their poetic reality to sharpen our capacity for contemplation, as the fragrance of Heaven draws near.
Track list, details of the musicians and readers, and to listen, click here
To view the illustrated words for cd1 click here


Spirit of Prayer
Thirty prayer poems packed with practical wisdom, theological truths and poetic insights, wrapped in layers of exquisite music by Francis Cummings and Linda Louisa, and interspersed with five of Carol Sampson’s beautiful songs.
Click here to see the full track list, musicians and readers, and to order.
View the illustrated words for CD1 and CD2
Click here to listen to some of the tracks,


Ravens and the Prophet
To be designated as a mouthpiece for the Lord God Almighty is the highest of all callings. Long before exposing Elijah to the perils of public ministry, God had been at work, alerting him to the peril that faced the nation, scoring His burden deeply into his heart.
This is an illustrated online book that we are posting chapter by chapter.
Click here for an introduction and chapter links

Connections is a recording of prayer poems set to inspirational music. The music is performed by highly anointed musicians.
We have displayed the prayer poems together with the links enable you to listen to each track.
Click here to access


CD from Carol Samson
Carol is an anointed singer-songwriter from Malvern. We have featured several of her songs on our Reawakenings and Spirit of Prayer recordings.
She has recently released a cd called Bigger Picture.
Track 2 Everything Track 7 Blessings
Track 4 Seeing You Track 8 Everlasting Arms
Track 13 Don't Wait Track 12 Saviour of the World

For more details see her website: www.carolleesampson.co.uk


'The Vale of Tears'
Experiencing Growth through Loss.
The Lord has been using this book, which deals with many different kinds kinds of grief and loss, to draw people close to His heart. A fully illustrated version is available to read or download on line, or you can order a hard back copy directly from the author. Click here for contents page

To order any of Robert Weston's publications, go to the Resources Page


'Intimacy and Eternity'
How is your relationship with God? Do you long for greater closeness with Him? This online book will inspire you as you seek a deeper relationship with Him who loves you more than you can ever imagine.
Click on the chapter numbers on the contents page to access.



Images of Malvern
Alan Forsdike, who has spent many years photographing the Malvern Hills, is happy for us to release a collection of his images on our website. We do hope they will be a great blessing to you. They are available to purchase from Alan as either cards more prints – they are very inspiring.
See bottom of the page of photographs for details of how to order.




Imprisoned for their faith
I have felt the Lord urging me recently to round up prayer for those who are imprisoned for their faith. Why leave all such praying to ‘Suffering Church Sunday’ in November? Our brothers and sisters in the Lord are held in prison all year round.


'Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the Lord.  
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