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Catherine Brown - 'Gatekeepers'

"I will wait for the Lord, who is hiding his face from the house of Jacob. I will put my trust in him." Isaiah 8:16

The prophet Habbakuk instructs us with regard to revelation that it “awaits an appointed time” (Habbakuk 2:3). On 31 July 2006 I was in prayer enquiring of Messiah regarding Israel and at that time I received a number of prophetic images and Holy Spirit utterances. I have prayed about these, sought counsel from a trusted apostolic leader in Israel and now almost one year on believe it is the ‘appointed time’ to release what I was shown. The imagery is complex. I ask you, therefore, to read and pray for Israel as the Spirit of wisdom bears witness with your spirit. Apostle Paul exhorts us, “if a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.” (Romans 12:6) May we be a people of faith, of purity of heart and sincere love towards our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Days of Grace

In the initial part of the prophetic encounter I was shown three successive images as follows:
     - the first was the word 'Jireh' and the Lord spoke to my spirit and said "Jireh is my word to Israel, for I am her provider."
     - The second image was the word 'Torah'
     - and the third image was the number 5 (= grace)

The Holy Spirit said, "Israel is entering 'The Days of Grace."

The imagery points to a period of divine provision of grace for Israel. As I have pondered the multi-faceted interpretation of grace for Israel,
today I received a report which seems most poignant and profoundly relevant in regard to Israel’s role in compassion as outlined in the Torah.

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann proposed Tuesday that Israel accept refugees from Darfur, stating that Israel must adhere to the principles of "biblical compassion."

"Israel must hold talks with Europe over how many refugees they are willing to accept and how many we are willing to take," Friedmann said. Speaking at a convention of the Israel Bar Association in Eilat, Friedmann said that "this is a question that is currently before the state of Israel, and there is a direct line with what occurred 3,000 years ago and more, at the time of the Exodus from Egypt."

According to Friedmann, "There are instructions in the Torah which teach about compassion, and in dimensions which we do not see in the law of other peoples. The emphasis is on why there is a need for compassion, the source of this biblical compassion." "The question that Israel must ask itself is, to what extent is it within that pathway of compassion?"
(Ref 1)

God is providing grace to Israel to be a light to the nations in respect of His compassion. He has chosen Israel to be an instrument of His love towards the alien. "And you are to love those who are aliens, for you yourselves were aliens in Egypt." Deut. 10:19

Five major military strikes against Israel

The Spirit continued to bring revelation to me and said, "There will be five major military strikes against Israel but she will survive as a
nation under God." I received a strong impression that this [survival as a nation] was conditional to Israel's repentance before the Lord. On the fifth strike God said that He will release His glory and "At the midnight hour the God of the armies of Israel will arise."

Pesach and Shavuot seem linked to the release of the Lord's glory in this vision. Pray for a spirit of repentance to be released in Israel
and for multitudes to be saved.

YESHUA the Light of Israel and angels with lanterns

The Lord then revealed through a visionary experience a multitude of angels walking with hand-held lanterns throughout Israel. They
approached many individuals and as they held the light up the people received an immediate revelation of Yeshua as Messiah. I looked up and saw a clock on a high tower which was approaching the midnight hour. Suddenly a burst of glory filled the air. Simultaneous to this the glory released a wave of massive repentance and the salvations and healings increased exponentially.

During my first trip to Israel in April this year, I stood in line waiting to pray at the Western Wall. I looked up at the clock tower to
my right and noted it was just before the 12th hour. I was immediately reminded of the Lord’s word that He would arise as the God of the armies of Israel. I also recalled the vision of angels revealing the Light of Yeshua to the multitudes in Israel. The grace for exponential increase of salvations, signs, healing and wonders is here and now for Israel. We need only turn to Acts 2:17-21 to see the paradox of blessing and bloodshed being poured out at the same time, “blood, fire and billows of smoke …And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

The first hand

I saw the hand of God come down on the land of Israel and each finger had a word attached to it.

     - The thumb said 'UN',
     - the first finger said 'Syria'
     - the middle said 'Lebanon'
     - the fourth finger said 'Russia'
     - and the fifth finger 'China'.

The Lord impressed to my heart that these five would bring much opposition to Israel and that France would also rise up as a loud voice
against Israel. (This is not to say these are the only places that will oppose Israel, however, these are the ones I was shown). Pray that
nations will become allies and not the enemy of Israel.

The recently elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy is considered by many to be a strong friend to Israel and sympathetic toward the Jewish fight against terror and anti-Semitism (Ref 2). Pray that he will be used as an instrument of blessing to Israel.

I am deeply saddened to report that Britain has recently entered into an onslaught of boycotts and sanctions against Israel. On April 16th, the British National Union of Journalists voted in favour of a boycott of Israeli goods (Ref 3). April 23rd, more than 130 UK doctors called for a boycott of the Israeli Medical Association (Ref 4). Last week the University and College Union (UCU), voted to consider a debate to boycott all Israeli academic institutions (Ref 5). The Higher Education Minister, Mr Bill Rammell said he was “very disappointed” with the vote. Mr Tony Blair has publicly spoken out against the boycott (Ref 6). On May 31st, the largest British labour union threatened to declare a boycott of Israeli products (Ref 7). Pray for mercy in the heart of Britain towards Israel. May God forgive us.

Israel the home front

The Lord spoke further and said, "Israel is the home front."

On Thursday May 31, 2007 the Jerusalem Post carried the following article under the heading, “Israel to ready public for all out war” (Ref 8)

“With Iran racing toward nuclear power and IDF preparations for the possibility of a conflict with Syria and Hizbullah in high gear, the
Home Front Command plans to launch a publicity campaign to prepare the public for war. Within a few weeks it intends to inform the public about what people need to do in the event of attack.

The campaign was not connected to a specific event or threat but was meant to brace the public for war in general, senior IDF officers said. "Our job is to prepare for an all-out war," Col. Hilik Sofer, head of the Home Front Command Population Division, told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday. "We prepare for a wide range of possibilities since it doesn't make a difference where the threat comes from."

Several weeks ago, the Home Front Command distributed pamphlets in Netivot and Ashkelon explaining how to behave during a Kassam attack. Both cities are within 15 kilometers of the Gaza Strip. The IDF has deployed early warning systems outside Netivot and Ashkelon. They have not been activated, pending government approval.

Next week, Sofer will meet with heads of government offices and local councils to discuss ways to improve service to the public at a time of emergency. "We know that the Palestinians have Kassams that can reach 12-kilometer distances and even farther," Sofer said. "And even though Kassams have yet to fall there, we'd best be prepared."

In March, the Home Front Command, the Israel Police, Magen David Adom, the Fire and Rescue Services and other emergency services held a two-day exercise throughout the country that dealt with extreme scenarios, including mega-terrorist attacks and non-conventional missile attacks. The drill was the country's largest ever and implemented lessons from the Second Lebanon War last summer.

"Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then will I be confident." Psalm 27:3

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

The second hand

I saw another hand with five further messages:

     - Under the thumb ('UN') I saw 'anti-Semitism'
     - On the second finger (Syria) I saw the rise of a 'new neo Nazi movement'
     - On the third finger (Lebanon) I saw the words 'Global Pandemic of Islam'
     - On the fourth (Russia) I saw 'new age, occult/satanic opposition'
     - On the fifth (China) were written the words, 'other eastern religions.'    

The countless anti-Israel resolutions and related debates consume an astonishing proportion of the UN community's precious resources. This year, during the 61th Session of the General Assembly (2006-2007), the time spent by ambassadors on enacting the 22nd anti-Israel resolution of the year was time not spent on passing a single resolution on Sudan's genocide in Darfur. Diplomats at foreign ministries or UN missions have a limited amount of time to devote to any particular UN session. Because every proposed UN resolution is subjected to intensive review by various levels and branches of government, a direct result of the anti-Israel texts is a crippling of the UN's ability to tackle the world's ills.



Pray for an unmasking and annulling of every evil alliance, enemy plot and strategy on the earth against Israel. Pray for the victory of Christ to be released in the earth for Israel at this time.

The third hand

The Lord said that 'during the days of grace when Israel will experience five major military strikes, that he is going to release five major
prophetic revelations' and I saw another hand and each finger had a 'message - a promise of deliverance from the hand of God for Israel:

     - On the thumb was written, 'strategy and counter strategy'
     - the 2nd finger 'military might'
     - the third 'military intelligence'
     - the fourth 'enemy exposure'
     - and the fifth 'pro Israel powerful allies'

Israel Defense Forces continue to carry out aerial operations and targeted attacks against Gaza terrorist munitions enclaves, terrorist
chiefs and PA-run television and radio stations which encourage Islamist violence against Israel. The hope is the source of Qassam rocket and other terrorist attacks against Israel’s Negev cities will be dealt with at the core, with the least amount of civilian casualties, and not require a full-scale IDF ground operation into the area. On another front, Israeli military officials are greatly concerned by the
possibility of war with Syria and its Lebanese arm, Hizbullah, this summer and have resisted the idea of diverting IDF forces for an
invasion of the Gaza Strip. A senior army officer said a major ground operation against the Gaza-based terrorist infrastructure would severely erode Israel’s capacity to handle a reoccurrence of last summer’s violence in the north. From the army's perspective, Syria is the biggest threat and the Palestinian front is secondary. (Sources: HaaretzCorrespondents/IHC)

Pray for God to give divinely inspired strategy and strategic intelligence (as He did in 2 Kings 6) and to release might to the armies
of Israel (1 Sam. 17:26). Pray for exposure of the enemy and for God's pro-Israel allies to arise in the earth. Pray especially for a
protection of all innocents.

May God show mercy to Israel at this time. May Israel turn in the spirit of Elijah and be reconciled to the Father. May we, the body of Christ, pray unceasingly and love unconditionally until our Lord returns for His Bride, one New Man in Yeshua.

Catherine Brown,
6 June 2007

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