Prayer Strategy


Prayer Strategy for Israel and the Middle East

(Jonathan Goldberg)


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem understanding God’s discipline of Israel spiritually does not mean that we should not long and passionately pray for Israel’s peace.



Where does Israel’s peace come from? Yeshua – Jesus – Israel’s Messiah. Therefore:


1.      Pray for the salvation of Israel. That people in Israel would repent, “see whom they have pierced” and accept Yeshua as Lord. That they would turn from their idolatry of:

a.       Materialism

b.      New Age – Eastern influences

c.       Modern Judaism


2.      Pray for the Body of Believers in Israel for:

a.       Courage

b.      Unity

c.       Fruit

d.      Growth


3.      Pray for those called to share the gospel in Israel. Including  organizations such as: OM, Southern Baptists, Jews for Jesus, Campus Crusade and others – pray for:

a.       Supernatural love

b.      Cooperation and partnership

c.       Accountability

d.      Servant hearts and actions

e.       Visas

f.        Finances

g.       Unity

h.       creativity


4.      Pray for the protection of Israel:


At this moment wicked schemes and plans are being made for terrorism, murder, destruction and war -

a.       Pray that these plans would not be fulfilled – that Israeli Intelligence, Police and Military forces would be alert, effective, sharp and quick to neutralize any plan by Israel’s enemies. Pray for their protection.

b.      Pray that in battle our forces would not lose perspective of the “Image of God”, even in those who passionately desire to destroy Israel.

c.       Pray that in all of Israel’s successes she would not grow proud through her own efforts, forces and power but would humbly see God’s merciful hand of protection.

d.      Media is a powerfully influential tool – pray that as so much focus is on Israel, truth would be revealed and exposed.

e.       Pray for the Believers serving in the Israeli forces, for their protection and effective testimony.


5.      Pray for Israel’s enemies:


a.       First - Pray for the salvation of those in the: Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Palestine, Iran, Syria, etc, etc.

Second – pray that all their wicked schemes of death and destruction towards Israel and others would be thwarted.

b.      Pray for the Arab Believers in these areas:

                  i.         Protection

                  ii.          Courage

                  iii.         Boldness

      iv.         Unity

      v.         Fruit

      vi.         Growth

c.       Pray for all the servants of the Gospel working in Muslim areas – pray for:

   i.          More labourers for these “fields”

   ii.          Sacrificial love

   iii.         Protection

   iv.         Effectiveness in sharing the truth

   v.         Courage

   vi.         Boldness



At ALL times I will praise Him,


Shabbat Shalom,

Jonathan Goldberg


·        Give thanks to the Lord for his mercy over Israel, and the many examples of miraculous protection from the hundreds of rockets reigning down on Israel. 

·        Pray for the difficult hand-to-hand combat between young Israeli soldiers and highly trained Hezbollah suicide soldiers.

·        Give thanks to the Lord that the International Gay Parade in Jerusalem has been cancelled!



Prayer focus ( )

Pray that the Arab world will strongly resist the radical terrorists in their midst.

Pray that the network of evil weaved from Iran will be exposed. Pray that the Lord will
equip the nations of the world to be strong enough to take positive action.

"A man will not be established by wickedness, But the root of the righteous will not be
moved" (Proverbs 12:3). 

Pray that the world will know and recognize the strong bias against Israel, active
within much of the international media.

"Your right hand, O LORD, is majestic in power, Your right hand, O LORD, shatters the
enemy. And in the greatness of Your excellence You overthrow those who rise up against
You" (Exodus 15:6-7).


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