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In the set apart surroundings of House of the Open Door in Childswickham, and Regent’s College Malvern we brought together a group of anointed musicians to record music that we believe will touch your spirit and bring deep comfort and inspiration. We have assembled many of the best tracks on six stunning CDs, that we think will really minister to your soul. We are calling the collection CHRISM – the Greek word for Anointing – because that is what we hope this music will bring into your heart and home.
  Patmos: Place of Exile and Revelation
Fifty short meditations on Revelation chapter one, set to exquisite music that we recorded here in Malvern. John is in exile on the island of Patmos and sees the Lord Jesus as He really is in glory. The meditations range far and wide, exploring the theme of Patmos as a metaphor for narrow and restricted times in our life.
Welcome to this heartfelt compilation of mineral-rich meditations which set out to capture the yearning of our heart for God, and of His towards us.

As we tune our hearts to the Eternal Rock from which we were hewn lets embark on the greatest love story of them all, exploring far ranging themes, that take us far beyond the purely personal to the prophetically panoramic, allowing their poetic reality to sharpen our capacity for contemplation, as the fragrance of Heaven draws near.
  The music that accompanies these poems and prayers - a combination of classical gems and improvised pieces - is staggeringly beautiful.

Set of four CDs

  Spirit of Prayer


32 prayer poems packed with practical wisdom, theological truths and poetic insights, wrapped in layers of exquisite music by Francis Cummings and Linda Louisa, and interspersed with five of Carol Sampson’s beautiful songs.

Double CD

  Prayer poems set to inspirational music, performed by highly anointed musicians
  Transfiguration is the sequel to Encounter, which Ros and I recorded several years ago, setting prayers that Robert had written to spectacularly beautiful music. We have had such outstanding comeback from this that we have long been eager to produce a sequel, but were waiting for the right music to be available.


  Ravens and the Prophet
This book is an invitation to understand more of the God who has met and supplied His people through the centuries, and who raises us up to have prophetic understanding. Long after you have finished reading this book, may the wisdom that you glean through these reflections on the life of Elijah remain as a precious and abiding part of your walk with the Lord.

  Intimacy and Eternity
  Intimacy with God is achievable - it is not just for the 'super-spiritual'!


  Still Small Voice
  As we seek to hear God more clearly, this book takes us on a wide-reaching journey to help us identify the ways by which God speaks, and to grow in confidence in our ability to hear His voice.

  Vale of Tears
  All of us go through times of grief in our lives - not only literal bereavements, but also as the result of other painful losses.

It is important to understand the complexities of the grief process and we have found that God has been using this book as a valuable resource to help those who are grieving, as well as to support people who are seeking to be close to the broken-hearted.

  Praying Together
  This simple book explores the dynamics that turn boring prayer meetings into encounters with the Lord and encourages us to release the huge potential the Body of Christ has when we give ourselves to the ministry of praying together.




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