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CD 1

 Welcome to this heartfelt
compilation of mineral-rich meditations
which set out to capture the yearning of our heart
for God,
and of His towards us.
As we tune our hearts to the Eternal Rock
from which we were hewn
lets embark on the greatest love story of them all,
exploring far ranging themes,
that take us far beyond the purely personal
to the prophetically panoramic,
allowing their poetic reality
to sharpen our capacity for contemplation,
as the fragrance of Heaven draws near.

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Set your hearts on things above mp3 Instrumental version
  Music (for Preface) composed specially for this project
by David Booth of Malvern

The themes are too nutrient rich
to absorb at one sitting,
but you’ll find the words online,
and you can always press the ‘Pause’ or listen again,
allowing fresh associations to come to mind
until these precious truths
become embedded in your heart.

Since we have been raised with Christ,
let’s set our hearts on things above,
where Christ is seated at the Father’s right hand
and think for a while about the things of Heaven,

for we have died to this life,
and our real life is hidden with Christ in God –
and when Christ who is our life is revealed,
we too will share in His glory.
(Col. 3:1-4)

So many people argue the toss
about whether they are pre or post tribulationalists,
but let’s focus less on the means by which
God will bring about
the promised signs of the times

and more on how things will be
beyond the labour pains
as the result of the Cross,
when Earth itself is rebirthed
as the home of perfect righteousness



"Further up and further in" mp3 Instrumental version
  Music written by Francis Cummings for 'Fire from the North' Conference 2005

The new heavens and the new earth

Look, I am creating new heavens
and a new earth,
and no one will even think about the old ones anymore.
(Is. 65:17-18)


Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared.
The sea also was gone.
And I saw the holy city,
the new Jerusalem,
coming down from God out of heaven
like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

I heard a loud shout from the throne, saying,
“Look, God’s home is now among his people!
He will live with them,
and they will be His people.

God Himself will be with them.
He will wipe every tear from their eyes,
and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain.
All those things are gone forever.”

And the one sitting on the throne said,
“Look, I am making everything new!”
“Write this down,
for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.”

(Rev. 21:1-5)

Reawaken us, Lord Jesus, to the call
of how Heavenly things will truly be. Selah
Where the limitations of our earthly roles and responsibilities
have placed too tight a constriction on our perspective,
and led to so many routine repetitions,
we choose now to eagerly consider
the heavenly rewards you spoke so much about
and to anticipate the Epiphany of our Lord.

We discard from our hearts
all that tends to the ‘What’s the point?’
– and even the assumption
that all will be so well catered for in Heaven
that there will be nothing for us to do.

Expand in our mind the Narnian cry of “Further up and further in;” 
for even in Heaven You have so much more in store for us.

For nothing of value 
that You direct us to on Earth 
will ever be lost, 
in a Kingdom 
where seeds acquire 
their fullest expression 
and all we long for 
finds its richest outworking.


3 Unseen Realms and our Ultimate Calling mp3  
  Lauda 2

On the night before He died, the Lord Jesus said,
“I will not drink the fruit of the vine again
until I drink it anew
with you
in My Father’s kingdom”

(Matt. 26:29).

Food and drink must therefore have their place
in that utterly grace-filled sphere
that You have prepared for the redeemed human race
where God-belovèd animals will lie down
at peace with each other and at ease with us.
leaving us free to enjoy whatever rewards and commissions
the Lord may choose to apportion
as He ushers in the new heaven and the new earth.
When souls saved by Christ fall asleep
they emerge from the tent of their bodies
and enter the realm of Paradise:
a place of parkland rest and refreshment,
of blissful reunions with those in Christ whom we have loved,
and with those who persevered beyond their trials
to the infinitely better resurrection beyond.

(Heb. 11:35,38)

Let’s not end the story
at what may prove to be but the end of the beginning:
the call of God will appoint the meek
to return with Christ
to reign and rule on Earth.

This is our ultimate calling,
and how we respond in life
will determine our fitness for service there,

where Beauty personified renews the earth in glory,
and so fulfils the prophecies of old.
(Hab. 2:14)
4 The First Resurrection mp3  

  Taken from Lauda, an album of harp music played by Bill Klein

  Then I saw thrones, and the people sitting on them had been given the authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony about Jesus and for proclaiming the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or his statue, nor accepted his mark on their forehead or hands. They came to life again, and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

This is the first resurrection. (The rest of the dead did not come back to life until the thousand years had ended.)

Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. For them the second death holds no power, for they will be priests of God and of Christ, the Messiah, and will reign with Him a thousand years.
(Rev. 20:4-6)

By Your Spirit’s grace enable us to play our part
in this first and greatest resurrection.

By Your Spirit’s power be BOTH deposit and bridge
between these two worlds;

Reawaken our heart to these unseen heavenly realms,
and draw us into Your courts
to reflect on what it means
to live and move in Your power and authority;

for anything that we lose now
for the sake of the King
will be amply reaccredited then.
5 In the Courts of the Lord mp3 Instrumental version
  'Fire from the North', Music by Francis Cummings

In the Courts of Heaven
I heard a sound from heaven
like the roar
of mighty ocean waves

or the rolling of loud thunder.

It was like the sound
of many harpists
playing together.
(Rev. 14:2)

 Sally Mowbray

God, You preside in the courts of highest Heaven,
and soon the kingdoms of this world
will become the place where You reside and reign forever;”
(Rev. 11:15)


Your angels worshipping now before Your throne,
now waging war as mighty warriors,


sounding the seven last trumpets and swinging sickles
right across the planet

to gather the clusters of grapes
from the vines of the earth,
(Rev. 14:18-19)

then pouring out the bowls that represent the seven last plagues,
before consigning Your foe to the bottomless pit.

You made our world out of nothing, Lord,
but this time round You intend to send such an intense fire
that the elements themselves will be melted bare.

For just as wild fire
consumes dead wood in the forest,
and redwoods release the seeds
that spawn the highest trees,
(2 Pet. 3:10-13)
so You will purge
both Heaven and Earth
to make Your home
on newly refashioned Earth.
Reawaken our hearts
to advance through life
in the knowledge
that we may well be destination-bound
to reign on fire-cleansed Earth,
the true home of righteousness,
to which we belong by faith and love.
  Not in vain does Creation long
for the mighty verve
of Your redemptive touch:
Earth is not bound for destruction,
like some disposable item,
but is rather a jewel that will sparkle
in the freedom and glory
that lie beyond the flames.
  Supreme over Creation
You hold all things together by Your power,
Lord Jesus,
(Col 1:15-20)
as You labour to restore creation to its Maker.

“Inspire us to work for the renewal of Your world,
and for justice within that creation”
for we how can we fully love the Lover
if we do not also ‘love what the Lover has made,’
and hate what He hates?

You are just,
and everything about the world to come will reflect this fact.

All that was truncated, maimed
and foreshortened in this life
will reappear in its fullest finest form:
unborn foetuses grown tall,
the old grown young,
martyrs highly honoured,
and all that is broken and polluted renewed,
as Creation itself
is set free from the curse of decay.

Then the LORD will go out and fight against those nations
as when he fights on a day of battle.
On that day his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives
that lies before Jerusalem on the east,
and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two
from east to west by a very wide valley,
so that one half of the Mount shall move northward,
and the other half southward
.(Rom 8:21)

6 Transformation    

Since death itself has been defeated
we will rise again on the renewed Earth
in a body that will not wear out or die.
Transform us now, Lord Jesus, to the ways of Eternity,
so that one day
we may govern the Earth
on Your behalf.

That which is not
born of Your Spirit
will have no place there,
any more than vultures
swim beneath the waves
or sharks nest in lion’s dens.

Keep blessing in
and the enemy out.


outermost fringes
as You
our days.







In the twinkling of an eye You will swallow up death in victory


and clothe our decaying bodies with imperishable immortality.
By the power that enables You to bring everything under Your control, You will transform our lowly bodies so that they are like Your glorious body.

Just as You restored Your people to their land
so Your great desire is to restore them to You,
and Earth itself to its highest calling.
You are steering the whole of human history to the moment
when you reunite it under the rulership of Messiah, Christ,
drawing all the holy ones to dwell together
in this perfectly reshaped world.
Through our union in Jesus
we will freely work and converse
with those from traditions we might once have demeaned
or deemed to be wrong,
our hearts and relationships reflecting
all that You intended them to be.
Here will be found
no trace of the unredeemed
to haunt our days,
and no memory of failed objectives
to taint or taunt,
for all that is sordid, suspicious or satanic
will have been left behind,
along with all our rage and spite.
  In this glorious continuity, in the age to come
the specific concerns
that Living Trust placed uppermost
in our hearts on Earth
will but sharpen their thrust,
just as a message once conveyed by semaphore
does not cease to convey the truth it held before
when sent by other means.

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty.
and view a land that stretches far.

Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed,
and the ears of those who hear will listen.
The fearful heart will know and understand,
and the stammering tongue be clear and fluent.

No longer will the fool be called noble
nor the scoundrel be highly respected.
But the noble will make noble plans,
and by noble deeds they will stand.

7 Let the Bride prepare herself mp3 Instrumental version
  'Fire from the North' 3


Lord save us
from falling for the Platonic ideal
of assuming a purely spiritual afterlife,
lest we become
too individualised
in our outlook
as a result.


Like a brilliant musician
who sees no need
to relate to other players,
and thereby robs the symphony
of their love and prayer,
how sad
when people hear distressing news,
and find no need
to turn it into prayer
and compassionate concern.









You are supremely there
for those who have nothing
and no one in this world.

For in Your Kingdom
the formerly unimportant
will occupy centre stage,


while some of the seemingly more magnificent
will be shown to be no more than wolves
in sheep’s clothing.

So help us to prepare without pride or possessiveness
for this life of eternity,
leaving behind all that would slur or slurry,
so that even in our secret hearts
we prefigure the age that is to come;

for it is only with our hearts thus set
that we can fully appreciate the riches of life
as You have desired and designed it,
on the sacred space that is Earth.

You spoke of the time
when You will return to Earth
in great power and glory
in just the same way by which You left it,
to rule in power
and to make all things new.

Therefore in faith we look forward
not so much to escaping from this world,
than to playing our part in its glorious transformation,
grateful for our allotted station,
not missing our reward through failing to heed Your commands,
or envying others who are bound for more senior reward,
but devoting our utmost to Your highest.



Listen to me, all you in distant lands!
Pay attention, you who are far away!


The LORD called me before my birth;
from within the womb he called me by name.

He has hidden me in the shadow of His hand.
I am like a sharp arrow in His quiver.


8 This is where we belong mp3 Instrumental version
  'Fire from the North' 4


“I will purify your lips to call on My name,
and to serve Me shoulder to shoulder
as one holy nation.
Where nation states still subsist,
they will do so as outposts of the saved,
their only desire to do My Father’s will.”


I will be there to welcome each one of you,
and to put to rights all that is undergrown or overblown
as you walk in a sea of delight
without your many limps,
My presence pervading all that you do,
and your souls caught up in the Song of the Lamb.

This is where you belong in the land of the living,
where Earth and Heaven meet





While twenty-four elders
and the four living beings
fall down and worship God,
who is sitting on the throne.




They cry out,
Praise the LORD!”
For the Lord our God,
 the Almighty,

    Let us be glad and rejoice,
and give honour to Him.
For the time has come
for the wedding feast of the Lamb,
and His bride
has prepared herself.

She has been given
the finest of pure white linen
to wear.”
the fine linen representing
the good deeds
of God’s holy people.

And the angel said to me,
“Write this:
Blessed are those
who are invited
to the wedding feast of the Lamb.”

And he added,
“These are true words
that come from God.”



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Readers: Musicians: Recording Engineer:
Robert Weston Carol Sampson (Singer songwriter) Colin Owen
Rosalind Weston Christiane von Albrecht (Keyboard) Jonathon Greenwood
Andrew Whettam Linda Entwistle (Vocals & Keyboard)  
Harmony Greenwood Elizabeth Long (Flute)  
Jacqui Galvin Corinne Frost (Cello)  
  Keith Entwistle (Percussion)  
  Grace Lee (Violin)  
  Thomas Herzog (Oboe)  
  Christine Rick (Cello)  
  Claire (Violin) and Chen Lim (Viola)  
  Jo Garcia (Cello)  
  Andrew Whettam (Marimba)  
  Francis Cummings (Composer)  
  Jo Foote (Recorder)  
  Robert Weston (Recorder)  


The recordings are copyrighted to Ruach Breath of Life Ministries 2011, but the material can be used freely if properly attributed.
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