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All the material in these publications can be used without obtaining our permission provided that no commercial gain is involved. We would be grateful if specific quotations could be acknowledged.
  Two poems to comfort and inspire; when doors appear to close, it is by no means the end!
  I will help you - A collection of 20 poems by Robert Weston
    "I will help you," says the Lord of Hosts
 W         A         I         T         I       N         G
Step outside the Boat
Be still
Lord of our days
A Soul in Decline (Prayer for a Prodigal)
Yet again the Telephone rings
The Programme De-Prioritizer
I cannot reach this person, Lord
Receive from My Hand (John 3:27)
If Only

Weigh it up and weigh on in
Restored to Refresh
In Eternity if not before
The Upside Down Bible
The Morning Hour
All to You, Lord Jesus
Deep in His Presence
You keep the best till last

Ah hae kent sae muckle love fae dee,  dear Loard*

*I have known so much love from You, dear Lord
  Da Loard's Böl - Cecil Tait, 2002
  Wind and Rain Productions - Prayer banners by Sam Leckie


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