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Each of these in-depth publications explores key issues and aims to make us more effective for the Lord. Packed with wisdom, and interactive in style, they provide a valuable resource for the Body of Christ. Vale of Tears and Still Small Voice are not currently available for download.

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All the material in these publications can be used without obtaining our permission provided that no commercial gain is involved. We would be grateful if specific quotations could be acknowledged.  
May the Spirit of the Lord draw you ever closer to Himself as you study and meditate on these important topics.  





The Vale of Tears
This was written to help those who are grieving and also to support the people who are close to the broken-hearted.
Click here for more details and to read online.
Intimacy and Eternity
Intimacy with God is achievable - it is not just for the 'super-spiritual'!
This book is now available to read online.
Click here to access.
The Still Small Voice: A Guide to Listening to the Lord
A journey that aims to draw us into a deeper intimacy with the Lord Jesus. See below for book details.
A Pilgrim's guide to dealing with Disappointment.
A Pilgrim's Guide to Overcoming Shame
 Inspired by the Spirit: The Prophetic Ministry
Knowing what to do with what we hear is a separate skill from hearing in the first place. This publication explores how we can grow and develop in this strategic ministry
Herald and Prophet - the Ministry of John the Baptist
Preparing the way for Jesus.
Out Front. The Craft of Leadership
If some people are ‘born leaders’, all of us can reap the benefits of studying the heart and character of what God is looking for in the leaders in His kingdom.
Landscapes of the Mind
A biblical exploration of the thing that we have such difficulties with – our minds! The teaching on creativity, imagination and the Spirit-filled thinker will help us to realise our potential to keep in step with the Holy Spirit.

The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit
Who is the Holy Spirit and how do we relate to Him? How can we live our lives in the anointing He gives to us? This Pilgrim's guide brings inspiring teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


Other books by Robert Weston you can order from our Resources page
The Still Small Voice
Most of us wonder at some stage how we can learn to hear God more clearly. This book takes us on a journey that is personal, but wide-reaching in its impact in leading us to grow in confidence in our ability to hear God and walk in His ways. Click here to see the book cover, and here to read comments and order copies.
The Art of Creative Writing
Most people feel the urge to pick up a pen at some stage in their life . . . but they are not always sure how to proceed when they do. This exposition of the 'nuts and bolts' of the writer's craft contains literary overviews, practical hints and a wealth of material to help you to explore the creative process. Click on the title to access.
Ravens and the Prophet (New Wine Press)
Ever wondered how God trained the prophets whose word and actions we so admire in the Scriptures This book takes us behind the scenes: to God’s intimate dealings with the prophet Elijah. In the process we learn a great deal about the prophetic ministry for our own times . . .
Intimacy and Eternity (New Wine Press)
The spirit God has placed within us yearns for a deeper, more authentic experience of the living God. This publication charts the processes by which the Lord matures our souls - from the truly wonderful through the alarmingly bleak and the in-between – but all so that we can live in the fullness of His presence.
'A rare combination of the inspirational and the practical. Robert brings together many insights and spiritual experiences from centuries of Christian tradition in a book that will help every Christian, your and old, to come to a deeper intimacy with God.' (Sandy Millar, Vicar, Holy Trinity Brompton).

Praying Together (Sovereign World)
Why is it that most churches would rather do anything than pray together? This publication explores the dynamics that turn boring prayer meetings into encounters with the Lord and forays into authentic spiritual warfare. (Sovereign World)

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