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The Heavens declare the glory of the Lord!
God's creation is so beautiful!

The links below lead to many different picture galleries.

All the pictures may be used for non-commercial purposes.
Please attribute to Robert Weston, Ruach (Breath of Life) Ministries.

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  Images of Malvern
The Malvern Hills are exceptionally beautiful and this page displays them in all their glory in the four seasons of the year. They were taken by Alan Forsdike who can be contacted here for all enquiries about them.
  The Westminster Collection
Scenes from London, including the London Eye, and Big Ben - but also a record of a very special day spent by Dom's class at Number 10 Downing Street with the Prime Minister, David Cameron.
Ruth our daughter made a return mission trip to Tanzania this summer. A land of wildness, yet civilization; vast horizons, yet detailed beauty.

This is the towpath along which I (Roz) cycle everyday to work. It is a particularly beautiful and serene route!
  Malvern in Spring
Panoramas from the Malvern hills, and spring views

  The Malvern Collection
Snowy scenes around the hills


Silver Wedding Celebration
Special time in Chester with family and friends, April 08.

    Autumn Lake and tree scenes, with family!
    The Lakes Collection - Pictures of mountains and lakes, skies and clouds that draw us to wonder at and drink in the majesty of God and His creation.

Dordogne and Brittany - Medieval Castles, meandering rivers, unusual cliffs and rock formations from this beautiful part of France.


Views of Jersey - A collection of stunning scenes. These pictures are copyright to Sarah McClelland

  The Jersey Collection. Scenes from our visit to Jersey in 2006.
  The Jersey Collection 2 Visit to Jersey 2015
    The Bude Collection

The Devon Collection


    Scotland and Shetland - Summer 2007
Peaceful views of Scotland and Shetland. Tranquil and reflecting water  scenes, beautiful skies. Lindisfarne.
  The Peninsular Collection 
  The Norway Collection
  The Shetland in Winter Collection (March 2005)
  The Shetland in Winter Collection (Feb. 2005) 
  The Shetland Collection Shetland: a land of rugged beauty and raw wilderness: a place for spiritual seeking.
    The Rock These pictures were taken in or around the house where Robert and Rosalind used to live in Shetland. Many other pictures from the Rock can be found in the Shetland in Winter collections.
    The Shropshire Collection These pictures were taken at Robert and Rosalind's home in South Shropshire, Mowbray Lodge, where they led many a retreat.

The Mowbray Lodge Collection

  The Portuguese Collection 
    Flowers Stunning photographs of flowers from a park in Lerwick.
  The Pembrokeshire Collection

Surtout la Lumière
Effects of the light in Shetland

  The Faroese Collection Pictures from these beautiful islands in the North Atlantic.
  The Finnish Collection
  The French Collection
  The Manx Collection






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