Mission Africa


Mission Africa's vision is based on Isaiah 61:1-4. 
The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the broken-hearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord’s favour has come.

Mission Africa - The Story so far pdf
Terry Charlton's Testimony

  Terry Charlton gave this brief but exciting account of how Mission Africa came about
and what God is doing through it in Jersey in October 2012.

Mission Statement

  • To work with local churches in carrying out evangelistic campaigns, sharing the gospel in both large and small meetings and on a person to person basis.
  • To bring pastors and church leaders together through teaching, prophecy, prayer and fellowship.
  • To teach and train local churches for evangelism.
  • To encourage and enable effective follow up work by local churches to help all new Christians become disciples.
  • To be involved in bringing restoration and healing to hurting people.
  • To help spread the flames of the revival that has already begun in Uganda throughout that country and into adjoining countries and the whole of Africa.
  • In all of this to see the outworking of Isaiah 61:1-4.
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Mission Reports and Prayer Calls



Prayer Letter for the Mission to Katale -May 5-12
Ever since we began our mission work we have been conscious of the fact that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities, and powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”. (Ephesians 6 v12) We have proved the reality of this more times than we can count – and of the still greater power of the Lord Jesus! Read more in this prayer letter



Report from this mission
Praise God for answered Prayer.
Urgent Call to Prayer. Posters pulled down, Church set on fire
and Team unwell: May God break through in power!
Mission to Kalungu 20-27 January
Things really do happen when Mission Africa teams arrive in the remote locations they reach out to .... as ever, this brief report pdf is worth digesting in full. Mission to Bingo Prayer Letter
Aug 2013

Mission Africa are launching a mission to Nakaseke 9th - 15th September. Rejoice with us in what God is doing, follow the preparations, see what God is doing and share in the harvest through prayer input into this unique ministry.
Read the Prayer letter
pdf for prayer ammo!


July 2013

“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land” (Proverbs 25 v25)
Matthew had been born blind with such severe spinal defects that he could only crawl on his stomach “like a snake”. His father rejected his parents, and his mother locked him in a storeroom at home for eleven hours a day whilst she went to work. At the age of twelve, however, he attended a crusade and gave his life to Jesus. There and then, God gave him both sight and the ability to walk and leap! He has since planted two churches and is pastoring a third near Makono. .
Read the Report and prayer letter
pdf for more news and encouragements.

Daniel Kato
and his family

June 2013

Five hundred added to the Kingdom in Mbuyendi!
Shouts of joy greeted Pastor Jane Wagaluka and her team when they arrived in this remote grass thatched village after journeying seven hours in heavily laden vehicles, with tyres spinning in the mud, through the torrential rain as they made their way round seriously flooded roads.
Despite the adverse weather – not to mention the attempt to set fire to the host church just before they arrived – this turned out to be one of our most fruitful missions . . .
Read the Report and prayer letter
pdf for the amazing details

Some of many who came to be baptised

April 2013

New churches planted
Muslims saved
Spiritual fires continuing to burn

Since last writing in January we have had some really encouraging follow up visits to places where missions have recently been held:
Prayer letter and report
Jan 2013

Uganda: A land of great darkness and light
Uganda is a country of huge spiritual contrasts. On the one hand, there are high levels of corruption in the Government, at both a national and local level. Witchcraft and human sacrifice continue to exist. On the other hand, God’s hand on the country is entirely evident.
Read more details of the mission to Kitoga in January . . .
Prayer letter and report

July 2012

Visit to Uganda
“Enlarge the place of your tent….strengthen your stakes” (Is 54 v2)
As you will see from the following account, these words seemed to be a backdrop to all that God was doing during a hugely encouraging and successful visit to Uganda. . .
Full report
June 2012

Mission to Watuba
We are so delighted with all that God is doing through Mission Africa. God is constantly developing and expanding the team. Two missions and two follow up visits have already been held this year. A similar number is planned for the rest of the year. In just the first five months we have been blessed by seeing six hundred and seventy people in these remote rural areas come to the Lord. Additionally, large numbers still continue to come to salvation each year in other places as a result of the on-going evangelism work sparked off by earlier missions. To God be all the glory!
Full Report and Prayer Letter

Mission to Kayonza 17th- 23rd January- What a beginning to the year!
Praise Points

• For three hundred and sixty one new souls
• For the very large numbers of healings and deliverances
• For the excellent unity and togetherness of the team
Ongoing Prayer Pointers
• For ongoing unity and joint evangelistic work between the pastors
• Some practical needs: For a camcorder to record all that God is doing
• For more lamps for the crusade ground and a small additional generator to power these
Full Report



Nov 2011

Mission to Ngoma
The power of prayer and the goodness of God draws us to praise Him yet again for His provision and for the displays of His power - in drawing people to Himself, in controlling the weather and many other ways.
Full report
Sept 2011

Mission to Kasensero
The power of prayer! Many saved, and bars emptied!
Full report

Mission Africa goes from strength to strength
Prayer letter for mission trip from June 15th to July 6th.
We are now at a very exciting time in Mission Africa’s history with expansion occurring in all three areas of ministry. Barely a month passes now without one or more mission or leadership training events occurring in more and more countries. All beyond our wildest dreams when we had our first mission in 2000!
From an evangelistic point of view alone we are currently involved in eight missions or follow up visits a year to remote villages within Uganda itself. All of these are now being headed up by one of the very experienced and anointed Ugandan pastors in our Evangelistic team.
Full report from the mission trip - people saved, raised up as leaders, healed, restored! God is good!




Our second African led mission trip. For full report click here
Praise points
• For one hundred and seventy eight very precious new souls now in the Kingdom
• For the safety and good health of the team despite having indifferent food and water (plus protection from a poisonous snake on the loose one night at a crusade!).
• For the large numbers of healings and deliverances
• For the excellent P.A. equipment that we have been blessed with
• For the excellent unity and dedication of the team
• For God’s great faithfulness in every area

Please continue to pray for those who were touched by God, new Christians, and for the African leaders as they disciple the people.
• For democracy in Uganda following recent rigged elections and the clamping down of the forces opposing President Museveni (who affected by the desire of African leaders to cling on to power, is now entering into a fifth term of office).
• For the protection of all the new converts and for their spiritual growth
• For ongoing unity and joint evangelistic work between the pastors in all areas visited




Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support. As mentioned when we last wrote, starting with this year, we feel that the Lord is calling us to double the number of both the missions and the follow up trips. At the same time to have each mission led by one of the amazing African pastors who are part of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team.
  . . . Exciting news from a recent Follow Up visit!
. . . Kikyusa- the number one area of Luwero for witchcraft Read More
Report from Kikyusa Uganda January 2011 visit pdf


"Steve greeted me at the airport with the exciting news that his church was ready to embark on a year of evangelism. Many had been fasting for the whole of the previous week. Could some of his people come on the mission to get some training and experience? Yes! And the result?

  . . . Such was the yearning and hunger for God, and the sense of His presence in the place, that right through the week, from the first evening, people came up to pray the prayer of salvation even before any altar call was made." Read more pdf


This New Year is our tenth now of mission in Africa. We asked for you to join us in prayer for the outreaches to two places: Namutumba and Kikandwa.
This is some of the background to the trip where we were based in a village in Eastern Uganda with its many shrines and witchdoctors. . . Read more

See the report above (Feb 2010) as to the amazing way that God led us all and the things that He did.

God is continuing to reveal Himself to Muslim people in powerful ways. Despite the high possibility of them losing everything - finance, family, life, many are turning to Him.
Please read this powerful report. [pdf] It comes from someone who works with www.greatlakesoutreach.org

We recently returned from a trip to Uganda where we witnessed many conversions and healings. One pastor, when asked if he had seen any healings in the fifteen years of planting 40 churches said that he had seen two people raised from the dead! . . . Read more pdf

Buliro is a sparsely populated “back of beyond” place spot – wide open countryside with occasional clusters of traditional mud walled and grass roofed huts. Some questioned whether enough people would come to the meetings . . . but . . . Read more pdf