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The Musicians Network exists to inspire, motivate, release, support, envision & encourage Christian musicians, particularly in the classical music world, to seek God afresh and to take new initiatives as led by Godís Spirit.

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Epiphany is a flexible group of gifted musicians whose vision is to explore fresh spiritual perspectives through improvised music.

Mission Africa is an evangelistic and teaching ministry. We aim to build the body of Christ within Africa by winning new believers who will worship and become true disciples within existing churches, by the encouragement of existing churches in evangelism and by teaching and training leaders and church members.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide
A Voice For The Voiceless, a human rights charity working on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs

Word for Today Bob Gass
These practical devotionals are touching tens of thousands of lives every day . . .

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Open Doors International
We believe that all doors are open and that God enables His Body to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.


Operation World Patrick Johnstone   

Pray for Today's Featured Country


Bringing the touch of His presence to everyday life
and a godly perspective to world events.

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