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A compendium of intercessory articles to fuel your prayer and spiritual awareness.

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All the material in these publications can be used without obtaining our permission provided that no commercial gain is involved. We would be grateful if specific quotations could be acknowledged.
  Prophecy from Norway
Prophecy is in part - no one prophecy can adequately reflect the whole spectrum of what God is doing (the huge amount of authentic prayer he is raising up for instance) - but He uses "blanket" words like these (see column on the right) as He used Jesus' over the forthcoming fate of Jerusalem to warn people ahead of time.
An old woman of 90 from Valdres in Norway had a vision from God in 1968. The evangelist Emanuel Minos had meetings (services) where she lived. He had the opportunity to meet her, and she told him what she had seen. He wrote it down, but thought it to be so unintelligible that he put it in a drawer. Now, almost 30 years later, he understands he has to share the vision with others.
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  Words for Norway

Over the years there have been several significant prophetic words spoken over Norway which now have a particular resonance in view of current events
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(November 2010)

Godís love for Iran is so great that it feels inadequate to reduce it to a set of pointers for prayer. Nevertheless, most of us appreciate triggers to direct our focus, so I asked an Iranian friend of mine to prepare these guidelines for us. Read More . . . pdf
  Prophetic Word for the Nation
(November 2010)

Steve Rayment and Paul Miller
It began with a picture of a hand. I felt it was the Fathers hand. He had a cork block with sandpaper round it Ė a rectangular block like those you wrap sandpaper round to sand and smooth a piece of wood. Read More . . .
  Israel -  Gaza (June 2010)

Everyone is aware how serious the consequences are likely to be of the recent Israeli intervention on the high seas. Please see this article [pdf] and a question and answer interview from for some issues to think and pray through.
  Earthquake in Chile (2010)
First hand accounts and information for prayer and practical support for this devastated land.
  The Suffering Church
There are many countries in the world today where Christians are martyred for their faith . . . more pdf
  The Persecuted Church (summer 2009)




There is much persecution going on around the world in these days. Here is a pdf resource with web-links to enable your prayers to be well informed concerning certain situations. Please click on the various links to access.
Some of the web addresses were very long, so we have shortened them to make them easier to access. You may be asked if you wish to allow these sites as you click on them.
  Word from Catherine Brown (2010)
'Africa ablaze with God's glory'! Dreams, visions and words for Africa in these days of awakening and revival.
  Israel (March 2010)

Relations between Israel and the United States of America are currently in a state of flux. Click on the title 'Israel' on the left to read a balanced report of the roots of anti-Israel sentiment and also of Israel's importance to the US.
"This report is republished with permission of STRATFOR"
  Word from Catherine Brown A Powerful word for Israel given June 2007
  Clifford Hill - Word to the Nation


Pdf of a prophetic word that warns us of impending judgement and exhorts us to pray for this nation in these tumultuous days.
  Prayer Bulletin - April 2007 Turkey and Nigeria
  Intercessory Insights - Part One International Affairs
  Intercessory Insights - Part Two European Matters
  Intercessory Insights - Part Three Christians Under Pressure
  Israel/Lebanese Crisis Intercession for the Middle East
  Prayer for Zimbabwe  


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