We are privileged over the years to have been closely involved with several prayer and worship conferences.

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All the material in these publications can be used without obtaining our permission provided that no commercial gain is involved. We would be grateful if specific quotations could be acknowledged.
Fire from the Isles

This was an international conference being held in 2008 on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Our aim was to draw people together to pray and seek God for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit in Jersey and on outwards into the UK and Europe.


Fire from the North

In 1996, at a gathering of intercessors on the Finnish island of Åland, the Lord revealed that He wanted a strategic prayer conference on behalf of Europe to be held on Shetland.

In response to this, Shetland Intercessors Team (SIT) in association with Ruach (Breath of Life) Ministries took up this call and organised a week-long conference.


In 2004, we held a youth conference called Tidal Wave.

'This 'tidal wave' is a generation of young people who desire to seek the Lord diligently and passionately.'





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