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All the material in these publications can be used without obtaining our permission provided that no commercial gain is involved. We would be grateful if specific quotations could be acknowledged.
Speaker Biographies
Phil Buechler
A prophet and teacher, Phil has planted churches in numerous 'difficult' countries. He now co-ordinates church plants in America to reach the next generation, and has a special heart for Europe.
Michael Ross-Watson
Michael has been a church pastor, a missions pastor and now ministers internationally. He is based in the UK but, together with Esther, his wife, he spends much time ministering in Asia using Singapore as a base. Michael went to be with the Lord in Singapore early in August 2017
Robert Weston
Robert has been leading prayer and worship conferences since 1982. This work has brought him the joy of linking intercessors and musicians in many countries. He has written many books and ministers widely.


























Place of Exile
and Revelation
mp3 files

A talk accompanied by beautiful reflective music.
Part 1 - Patmos: Place of Exile, Place of Revelation
Part 2 - Patmos: Place of Exile, Place of Revelation
The whole of Revelation came about because John was ‘in the Spirit.’ We hope you will enjoy this next instalment of reflections on ‘Patmos times’
Part 3 - Patmos: Place of Exile, Place of Revelation
You never know what God will do when you pray!
Part 4 - Patmos: Place of Exile, Place of Revelation
Stunning music to accompany the teaching on going through narrow and seemingly fallow times with God
Part 5 - Patmos: Place of Exile, Place of Revelation
Handling times of pressure
Part 6 - Patmos: Handling Change
Because Patmos experiences mark an extreme change in our circumstances, we are going to spend some more time exploring this theme, using a tiny fraction of the material that is available in my book Vale of Tears.

The Quest for Wisdom A meditation: words from Joshua ben Sirach
accompanied by beautiful oboe music.

(Web page)

Welcome to this heartfelt compilation of mineral-rich meditations which set out to capture the yearning of our heart for God, and of His towards us. As we tune our hearts to the Eternal Rock from which we were hewn let's embark on the greatest love story of them all, exploring far ranging themes, that take us far beyond the purely personal to the prophetically panoramic,
allowing their poetic reality to sharpen our capacity for contemplation, as the fragrance of Heaven draws near.
To see the track list and details of the musicians and readers, and to listen to tracks, click here
Click here to view the illustrated words for cd1

Spirit of Prayer


Thirty prayer poems packed with practical wisdom,theological truths and poetic insights, wrapped in layers of exquisite music by Francis Cummings and Linda Louisa, and interspersed with five of Carol Sampson’s beautiful songs.

To see the full track list and details of the musicians and readers, as well as to order, click here

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These are talks given at Emsworth Baptist Church on Prayer.
Talk One - The Call to Pray
Talk Two - The Love that makes Prayer Real
Talk one mp3
Talk two mp3

Digging Wells to enter God's rest Rest is an important part of our walk with God.

Worship at House of the Open Door Track one - Song in the Spirit.
Track two - Shine Your light, Lord.


A recording of prayer poems set to inspirational anointed music. This link directs you to where you can play the tracks as a whole album, or alternatively as single tracks. The prayers and poems are displayed under each track listed
Click here for further information about the cd.

Encountering God

A talk given in three parts at House of the Open Door.
Part one.
Part two.
Part Three.

Prayer for the Suffering Prayer and declaration 
A call to remember those who are in any way suffering

The files here are just a taster of all that went on at the ABLaZE Conference held in Hastings in October 2009. This first file starts with a reading from Revelation and includes prayers and meditations, songs and prophetic declaration as well as teaching. May your heart be stirred and inspired in God.
British Isles Focus Evening meeting led by Guy Rothwell Mp3 [25mb]

These four parts are all part of the same seminar
Part one of four. Led by Robert Weston
Part two of four. Intimidation and Hezekiah
Part three of four. Hezekiah continued.
Part four of four. Hezekiah

Mp3 [14mb]
Mp3 [5.5mb]
Mp3 [5.2mb]
Mp3 [3.2mb]
Intimacy and Direction

A mingling of teaching, worship and intercession. Encouragement in the times of waiting that often occur between receiving vision and the outworking of it.
'Just one touch from the King changes everything'
Mp3 [35mb]

Europe Focus
Prayer, repentance and worship: teaching led by Brian Mills.
'Ask of Me and I will give the nations as your inheritance . . .'
Mp3 [33mb]

Responding to  Change How do you cope when changes happen in your life?  

Desire God's desire for us, and our desire for Him.  Mp3 [13mb]

Servant Spirit Maintaining a Servant Spirit in a Service Profession.
Part One - Our Relationship with God

This is a cd of meditations set to beautiful inspirational music.
Click here to play the complete cd all through.               
To play individual tracks click on the message title below. To download whole track, click on Mp3
Track one Introduction and 'The Father reveals His Glory'.
Rise up and see (Linda Jones)
Mp3 [3mb]
Track two Life-bringer and Trail Blazer
The Blessing (Dave Hart)
Mp3 [1mb]
Track three Why are we so afraid of Your leading, Lord?
Fire from the North, improvised music (Francis Cummings)
Mp3 [1.5mb]
Track four With God in the darkness
Music from 'The Return' (Wellspring)
Track five Purify our Heart's desires.
Harp Music Lauda (Bill Klein)
Mp3 [1.5mb]
Track six Let Your Kingdom come
Fire from the North, improvised music (Francis Cummings)
Mp3 [3mb]
Track seven The Ages and Stages of Life
Innocence (Dave Hart) and Harp Music (Bill Klein)
Mp3 [1mb]
Track eight Love that reaches out
Sacrifice (Dave Hart)
Mp3 [1mb]
Track nine Shine Your Light into the Darkness
Swedish Folk Song (arranged by Francis Cummings)
Mp3 [3.8mb]
Track ten Stoke Revival Fires
Fire from the North, improvised music (Francis Cummings)
Mp3 [1.6mb]
Track eleven The Call of God resounds across the earth
Celtic Lament (Francis Cummings)
Mp3 [2mb]
Track twelve


The Return

See for details of inspirational recordings by Wellspring.


Fire from the Isles Prayer and Worship Conference, Jersey 2008

Phil Buechler A Faith that Glorifies God Mp3 [19mb]
Phil Buechler Entering the Presence of God Mp3 [35mb]
Phil Buechler The Authority to Heal Mp3 [29mb]
Michael Ross-Watson Love, Encouragement, Forgiveness and Compassion Mp3 [22.8mb]
Michael Ross-Watson If God is God, then why are you going through this? Mp3 [34.5mb]
Robert Weston Seeing with God's eyes Mp3 [12.3mb]
Paul Meiklejohn From Agony to Ecstasy Mp3 [24mb]

Talks by Robert Weston 2008

Robert Weston What is the Spirit saying to the UK Church? Mp3 [10mb]
Robert Weston Life in the Spirit Mp3 [10mb]
Robert Weston Meeting God Mp3 [7mb]
Robert Weston Studies in Joshua - Moving on Mp3 [7mb]
Robert Weston Do deeds matter more than words? Mp3 [7mb]

Father of Lights
Robert Weston
with music by Tim Finch
Part One: Teaching on the book of James Mp3 [23mb]
Part Two: Teaching on the book of James Mp3 [22mb]


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