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We are making a number of publications available here for you to read online, with some also being available to download and print. 

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  Processing Grief and Handling Loss
I gave a talk in church recently on processing grief and handling loss. This has been divided into five sections set to beautifully sensitive music. 

Aspects of Grief
These are the notes that were drawn from the talk about dealing with grief.
Click here for the original talk without music
Click here for pdf

  The Letters to the seven Churches in Revelation - a teaching series. (pdf's)
Subjects include - How big is your God? Recovering our first love. The crowning joy.
Staying the course. Watch and Pray. Jesus, Name above all names and Following the Lamb wherever He goes.

  Prophetic Ministry
Part One - May our Hearts be free from idols
Part Two - The Prophetic Calling
Part Three - Prophets and Pastors

  Participatory Ministry Six articles.
What does your church look like?
No, I don’t mean the picture postcard image . . I am speaking of a shift of concept from church as a noun (a physical place) to a verb – the state of being and responding as the Body of Christ as the Spirit empowers us.
This is so different from people who just happen to meet together on a Sunday.
One of the keys for going deeper – and the one I am going to major on in this series – is allowing gifts to surface and making room for the Lord.
God is empowering His church at this time to respond to His Spirit – and this in depth series aims at empowering us to think reflectively about the way we do church, and to give us the emotional and spiritual intelligence to flow in the power of His Spirit.
We will continue to add more articles to this series over the next few weeks.

  Ravens and the Prophet: To be designated as a mouthpiece for the Lord God Almighty is the highest of all callings. Long before exposing Elijah to the perils of public ministry, God had been at work, alerting him to the peril that faced the nation, scoring His burden deeply into his heart.
This is an illustrated online book that we are posting chapter by chapter.

  Encounter with God: Encountering God at every turn. Audio teaching. Pdfs of the talk will be displayed to go with this teaching as they become available. Updated 19-8-10

  A Message for the Mature - Times of Shaking: The book of Hebrews speaks about constant practice helping us to discern not only between good and evil but, more subtly, between good and best. How we need people trained in spiritual discernment, who can read the dynamics of what is going on in situations, ministries as well as individual lives, both to avoid wrong things and to find God’s best way forward. (pdf)
This is the first in a mini series looking at the shakings that are affecting us all at this time.

  Desire for God: It is about knowing God, not just knowing more about Him. It is about encounter with Him.

  Fallout from 'Controlling Church': Many things happen in our lives that cause grief and anguish - not least encountering 'controlling church'. Sadly, some church leaders allow their zeal for church growth to influence the way that they deal with church members. This article gives understanding and helpful pointers as to how you can come through this.

  The power of writing to heal: Writing provides us with a powerful tool to organize overwhelming events and make them manageable. This is not as daunting to do as you may imagine. This short pdf article gives helpful advice to enable us to do this.

  Diary of my mission trip to Tanzania: Ruth Weston was eleven when she went on a mission trip to Tanzania. This is her account of the challenges she faced, and the fulfilment she felt at walking with God in a totally different land and culture.

Intimacy and Eternity - a book by Robert Weston.
We have displayed this devotional book online chapter by chapter.
Click on the chapter numbers on the contents page to navigate.
May you be encouraged in God as you seek Him.

  Intimacy with God - a study course to help you grow into closer intimacy with God.

Heroes of the faith - fascinating study of Bible characters. (pdf files).
Noah. Building big for God.
Deborah. Incisive and decisive for the Lord.
Hannah. Seeing and Perceiving
Jonathan. Loyalty in action
Obadiah. Faith, work and power
Ruth. A perfect romance
John the Baptist. Herald and Prophet

  Dresden - prayer and worship conference.
Seminar notes about: (a) worship that is relevant; and (b) empowerment in our lives.
  Do deeds matter more than words? 

Tired of Church? Reclaiming Church and rekindling fellowship
Many people feel restless and even disappointed in their churches.
How do we handle this - in ourselves and also when we see this in others?

  What do you say when someone asks you, 'How are you?'
It is so easy to put on an 'I'm alright' expression as we face or try to avoid answering this question when in fact we may be anything but okay. How can we be sensitive in asking, and replying to people when we meet them?
  A Pilgrim's guide to dealing with Disappointment.
  What is there when the past is gone? The future!
An short article to encourage those who may be tempted to give up that they do have a future and a hope in God.
  From Waiting Room to the Throne of God
'Do you love Me more than these?'
A meditation based on John 21, which not only covers the beautiful way in which Jesus' restores Peter, but also addresses those challenging times of waiting that we so often go through.

Herald and Prophet - The Ministry of John the Baptist. Download Article

  A Short Meditation on the Still Small Voice
  A Pilgrim's Guide to Overcoming Shame
  Strength to the Weary
A study from Isaiah 40.

The Holy Spirit
A pilgrim's Guide to the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.

  Fit for Purpose and Filled with the Spirit
Preparation for God's call on your life
  Out Front - Born to Lead
A Pilgrim's Guide to Leadership
  The Water of Life
A talk for those rarely attending church.
  Wilderness of Waiting  
Encouragement for these times
  When the Bottom Falls Out
(with footnotes)
  Strategic Prayer (htm web page)
"Strategic Prayer for Europe and Shetland’s Special Role"
A talk by Roger Mitchell
  Discerning your Convictions (rtf)
It is so important to know where our convictions lie - and not mistake them for assumptions!
  Father Of Lights (htm web page)
A meditative overview of the book of James.

The Joshua Generation (htm) Qualities that enable us to take ground for Christ.

  Justus, the Forgotten Disciple (rtf)
  The Jante Spirit
In-depth insight into the mindset that dominates much of Scandinavian culture. PDF version

Crossroads (pdf)
"..Stand at the Crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths and seek the Lord . . ." A booklet teaching by Guy Rothwell and Robert Weston.

  Craft of Writing (htm web page)
Stimulate your creativity and develop your ability to listen to the Lord. (Order in print by emailing us at The cost of this item is £9.99.)

Encounter (75 KB, Rich Text Format)
These are prayers, mostly written by Robert Weston from the tape that he recorded with Rosalind and Grace Nadin

  'Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit'
by John Paul Jackson
Click here for a review of this powerful book.

Click here for teaching on Absalom







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