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Ruach (breath of Life) Ministries
Report from this mission
Praise God for answered Prayer

Mission Africa - Urgent Prayer

needed for this mission - 20-27th January

Mission to Kalungu Prayer Letter
Mission Africa home page

Handling Grief and Loss
I gave a talk recently in church to help those who are are standing alongside people who are going through the mill, as well as those who are suffering themselves. We have split this into five sections and added some of the exquisite music we recorded in our recent gathering at Regents Bible College.

Denial and Change pdf
A thought provoking article about being aware of the times and challenges of the current age.

Patmos - Place of Exile, Place of Revelation
We continue to release more tracks from this beautiful cd set

A talk about Patmos set to beautiful music.
See Revelation page for details Read more . . .

Incisive Intercession pdf
Prayer is not simply getting things from God – that is a most initial form of prayer; prayer is getting into perfect communion with God. If the Son of God is formed in us by regeneration, He will press forward in front of our common sense and change our attitude to the things about which we pray . . .

New CD from Carol Samson
Carol is an anointed singer-songwriter from Malvern. We have featured several of her songs on our Reawakenings and Spirit of Prayer recordings.
She has recently released a cd called Bigger Picture.
Click here to listen to three of the tracks.
Track 7 Blessings
Track 8 Everlasting Arms

Track 12 Saviour of the World
For more details see her website: www.carolleesampson.co.uk

New video presentation
When the chips are down, we need people to turn to who know how to pray incisive prayers! This song by Linda Louise Entwistle, an elegy that grieves over lives that are torn in two, urges us to get up on the ramparts and pray.

The Quest for Wisdom
A meditation with words from Joshua ben Sirach
accompanied by beautiful oboe music.

Spirit of Prayer
Thirty prayer poems packed with practical wisdom, theological truths and poetic insights, wrapped in layers of exquisite music by Francis Cummings and Linda Louisa, and interspersed with five of Carol Sampson’s beautiful songs.
To see the full track list and details of the musicians and readers, click here
To view the illustrated prayers and poems on cd 1, click here and cd2, click here

Ravens and the Prophet:
To be designated as a mouthpiece for the Lord God Almighty is the highest of all callings. Long before exposing Elijah to the perils of public ministry, God had been at work, alerting him to the peril that faced the nation, scoring His burden deeply into his heart. There is much we can learn from Elijah.

Prophetic Word for the Nation by Steve Rayment and Paul Miller
( November 2010)
It began with a picture of a hand. I felt it was the
Fathers hand. He had a cork block with sandpaper round it – a rectangular block like those you wrap sandpaper round to sand and smooth a piece of wood.
Read More . . .

Images of Malvern
Alan Forsdike, who has spent many years photographing the Malvern Hills, is happy for us to release a collection of his images on our website. We do hope they will be a great blessing to you. They are available to purchase from Alan as either cards more prints – they are very inspiring. See the bottom of the page of photographs for details of how to order.

'The Vale of Tears'
Grief is something that we all encounter at some stage in our lives. It may be because of a bereavement, illness, loss of job or because many other circumstances. This book is a resource for all - whether we are grieving or supporting another person.
The complete book is now online for you to read and use as a resource.
Click here for contents page
Encounter: Teaching on encountering God, given at House of the Open Door in Childswickham, Near Broadway, January 2010. Updated 19-8-10
E: Enter and explore
N: Noting what God is anointing
C: Cultivating Christ-Centredness
O: Observing and Obeying (turns the Ordinary into Encounters with God).
U: Understanding utterly uncertain and unstable times
N: Nuach - the heart of Ruach Ministries

T: Trust! - teetering or towering? Part one and Part two
E: Exousia - establish and enable with exousia authority
added 19-8-10
to follow

Connections: Connections is a recording of prayer poems set to inspirational music. The music is performed by highly anointed musicians. Details at the bottom of that page for how to order.
Click here to listen to the tracks

Malvern Mashal - Our new series of perspectives - personal news, and devotional studies are now starting to be displayed on the Insights Page.
Intimacy and Eternity:
We are making this book available online. Chapter by chapter, illustrated with beautiful pictures, read online!


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