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CD 2

32 prayer poems packed with practical wisdom, theological truths and poetic insights,
wrapped in layers of exquisite music
by Francis Cummings and Linda Louisa,
and interspersed with five of
Carol Sampson’s beautiful songs.

May you feast on the riches,
and turn to these words and music
at times when they will inspire
the Spirit of Prayer
to flow within you,
and help you to make sense
of many things.

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Track List CD 2
1 Creative God  mp3 2.3mb
  Mozart first movement oboe quartet

There are times in life of extreme suffering,
but God also wants us to delight in His goodness,
and in the wonder of his Creation.

Lord Jesus,
You showed us in Your parables
that You delight in finding things;
and prodigal offspring.

Discover some new way
to mastermind heavenly solutions
to meet people’s deepest needs.

  Be a finding God we pray –
and direct the hearts of the inwardly homesick
to respond to the wooing of your calling in image, word or music.
We pray now for those you lead us to.

We pray for those with dates in their diary,
and other lovely things to look forward to;

For those making deeper friendships –
and for those whose relationships are spinning out of control;

For those with few encounters on their calendar,
or who are unable to travel very far.

For those who are embarking on fresh adventures,
and those benumbed with boredom,
who would welcome the chance
to come on board with some new venture.

We want to celebrate Your endless creativity, Lord;

You have set us on a planet spinning fast through space,
yet we are not even remotely aware of this hectic pace.


You could have created one tree, one fern,
one lion, one yak –
and that would still have been a quite amazing feat,
but You have made so many species:
forests, fish and woodland flora;
and plenty to spare to compensate for those
the worms devour and the wind blows away.

Inspire Your anointed ones to pen in words and music
things that reflect Your great variety,
and the fullness of Your concern.

We lift these faithful ones before Your throne.
Let them write for our own and future generations,
that a people not yet created may praise the name of the Lord:
(Ps. 102:18)


And this is now a time of creativity for you, My child:
draw upon the stream of teeming themes
that are waiting to burst their banks and take new paths.

Catch this rivulet while the current is flowing,
And let it guide you to the river I have in mind.
Move up, march on and catch the tide.

2 Jesus, You are the Way mp3 1.7mb
  Words and Music by Carol Sampson
3 Flagship Friendships   mp3 1.4mb
  Music by Francis Cummings

Samuel Johnson urged people “to keep their friendships in good repair.”
So here is an invitation to pray for the friends the Lord places on our hearts.


Lord, the love that is burning in my heart today
is so strong for the flagship friendships
that You have taken such care to shape.
As Your psalmist declared,
the saints in the land are the glorious ones in whom You delight,
So I lift these loved ones to You now.



From time to time these God-given partnerships
dip from sight below the horizon,
but You are always seeking fresh ways
to bring about deeper union.

And just as officers on a warship’s bridge
know their chain of authority
within a combat zone,
so You give special authority
to those who worship
in love and trust before Your throne.

Let our prayers be wind and Spirit-blown –
dethroning hindering powers;

and may our e mails, texts and calls
have the stamp and seal of Heaven on them all.

The flow You direct between us
is so precious, Lord.

Protect and preserve us
when heavy hurtful rocks are lobbed our way –

Let no careless words or misunderstanding
wreck the powerful vessel of our friendship;
no indifference or rivalry
shaft or scupper this sacred craft.



Rather let our awareness increase
to the point where we can sense when our friends are in distress.

Father, use our times together,
to release Your power and fervour;
for You delight to grant much favour
when two or three are gathered in Your love.

We promise to keep alert, and make the effort
to connect whenever You direct –
and then may abundant heavenly ointment
grace each one of these most precious appointments.

4 Come Down O Love Divine  mp3 1.5mb
  Music by Linda Louisa
5 The Magnifying Glass  mp3 3.4mb

Jack Hayford put it well when he said,

“Where we are prepared to travail in prayer,
life comes forth,
and the kingdom of God extends its triumph,”

but the battle is intense,
and the devil’s weapon
is a magnifying glass!

He focuses it
on a patch of dried out grass
and then ignites
some smouldering fire in our lives,
affrighting souls
that have not learnt to fight
with visions dire –
or exciting simple souls
with visions far too bright.

When the Lord inspires some new venture,
we can be sure the enemy will do his best to deter us.
He’ll either tell us that what we are attempting is misguided and impossible,
Or that we are the wrong people to be doing it;
And if that doesn’t work, he’ll suggest we’ve got the timing wrong!
Now there are times when we must hold some vision in our heart
until the Lord gives the specific commission to act on it:
but that’s very different from the enemy’s attempt to postpone it indefinitely.

Lord, You know exactly how we are wired;
and when some idea or initiative really is of You,
as opposed to some stray passing thought,
give us the determination
not to allow ourselves to be deterred,
earthing overly optimistic hopes
and shattering the fears
which that lethal magnifying glass
distorts and exaggerates.

Baptise our imagination
to embrace the very deepest truths –
May we never seek success to boost our power and fame,
but equally may we not hold back when You are giving clearance
to voice the things that You are showing us.


Lord, Help us make the most of every opportunity,
for whilst missed moments may never be reprieved
odd spare minutes can be gainfully employed.

Minister to the secretly bound
who have grown so used to working their way around their restrictions,
that they never quite fathom that it is
the wounded bleeding Lamb of God,
who knows every facet of their lives,
who is seeking this intense inner cleansing.

Where we have been guilty of frustrating the grace of God,
not only through overt sin and but also over indulgence,
whereby we are effectively treating You as our servant,
bring us rather to that place in prayer
where we explore what is on Your heart.


If Your kindness does not lead us to true repentance,
all we will be left with are regrets and remorse.
And since it is those who have been forgiven most who love best,
help us confess whatever we need to confess,
and then move on again;

For seeking You increases our aspiration
for fresh visitations of Your Holy Spirit among the nations.*

*The last two stanzas were inspired from the chapter A new kind of prayer meeting by Jack Hayford in Intercessory Prayer, edited by Leonard Le Sourd (Hodder, 1990)

6 My eyes are ever on You mp3 1.7mb
  Music by Francis Cummings
7 Prayer for the Nations mp3 1.5mb
  Music by Linda Louisa
Lord Jesus, the crowd cheered Your triumphal entry into Jerusalem, but You wept; for You knew that countless souls would lose their lives as the result of the nation rejecting the hour of her visitation.
Unaware of the centrality of Your desire to prepare them for eternity, the people quickly turned when Jesus failed to meet their immediate expectations.

How do we ourselves respond when You do not appear to meet our hopes and dreams?

Help us be willing to come to You on Your terms, not on ours – and so avoid falling into bitterness in a land where so few pay anything more than lip service to the King of Kings.

Lord, we remember how earnestly You worked
to rescue Germany from the Nazi tyranny
enabling her to take her place once more among the nations –
and how You helped America and South Africa emerge
beyond the lure of the racist call.


We celebrate Your grace and truth that have achieved so much,
and ask for nations still skewed in the thrall of long held feuds,
to have the grace to move on from conflicts past;
fulfilling through forgiveness their God-given call.

Redemptive One, we offer you the weight
of our own temptations to bitterness
as an offering on behalf of wider issues –
where severe deadlocks have gripped and divided,
and situations risk being whisked
into something infinitely combustible.

We give you the flashpoints around the world,
and pray, “Intervene by Your mercy and defuse”,
lest we ignore all safety limits,
and descend into another bout of senseless blood letting:
from the Archduke’s assassination,
through the killing fields and holocausts
to the lethal civil wars that ravage so many regions.

And as we pray, we ask that You will release us too
from the wilderness of time and energy
that every trace of bitterness represents.


Arise and show Your mercy and Your power
as we gather round Your throne to present our cry.
Lift the weak,
humble the proud,
unblock the stalled and deadlocked
as Your Spirit sends seismic shocks
to overturn wrong ways of thinking
and usher in the new.

8 Prayer for the Persecuted Church  mp3 1.4mb
  Marcello first movement oboe concerto in D minor

I have given them Your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world. My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth.
Deep in his cell,
Watchmen Nee fell to his knees
to beseech Your grace;
and beyond the enormous emotional trauma
You dispelled great darkness and moved in power
throughout the land of China;
while far below ground
Richard Wurmbrand resisted intense bleakness
and filled the blackness with the sound of Your praise.
Refusing to be caged,
such prisoners for the Lord
remained fully engaged,
enabling You
to bring about a harvest of the brave.

As they sighed and soared in spirit,
they saw beyond their prison walls
and prepared the way
for all that You are doing today.

Because Your word tells us to remember those who are ill treated as though we were suffering ourselves, we cry out to you for adjustment grace for all who find themselves deprived of all they hold most dear.

May the blood of the martyrs remain the seed
of the mushrooming churches
in the countries for which You call us to intercede.
And now we lift our hearts
to pray for Your heavenly increase,
throughout the Middle East
and all the countries You lead us to in prayer.

Make special use of the Internet and satellite dish
and every other means of revealing your Word
to guide people’s attention
to the only dimension that really matters.

9 Prayer for Leaders mp3 1mb
  The Spirit and the Bride say "Come". cop con

When we come together, everyone should be free to bring a hymn, a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation – all for the strengthening of the church.

So many leaders, of churches, as of nations,
have but one way of responding.

Father, grant to many the courage to give your Spirit room to move
Rather than playing it safe,
and chafing sensitive souls by over tight controls,
the vision to draw people in,
thus releasing fresh new roles and giftings.

Lord, You delight in the deeply ordered but also in the far more experimental,
in which rich times of worship interweave with the gently instrumental.



Break open the treasure troves of creativity
that hidebound churches have all but mislaid –
and may we as leaders have the courage
to search and follow where You lead.

We pray now for leaders as they come to mind,
first in the Church and then in the world
to develop a more participatory vision;
and for those whose confidence has been knocked by deep division –
get the devil off their back
and restore them on track.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

10 Selfless Prayer mp3 1.7mb
  Marcello - Adagio, Oboe concerto in D minor

There are certain species of African ants
that eat the insides out of wooden furniture.
The chairs and tables look alright,
but the termites have done their worst,
causing them to burst apart when anything is placed on them.

Many lives appear strong,
and even stately on the outside,
yet are eaten alive on the inside by pride.

Since the attributes You most prize
arise more from our character than our gifting:
forgive us those many things we do
that grate like a rusty gate.

Shift our focus from being too narrowly inward.
lest our unseen faults and thoughtlessness
mar our days and prove a snare to many others,
without our even being aware.

Catch us these boring ants,
and make our character more authentically sound –
especially for those of us who easily get cross.

Subdued by stress or chronic complaint,
or inflated by too high an opinion of ourselves
we end up sounding increasingly doleful
and run the risk of robbing our soul of brave and cheerful words,
  Lord, let me be a lifeline to those
who are caught in swirling floods.
Jog my spirit to bring these ones to mind,
and then to serve as a lifeguard
to buoy them up in prayer.
Lord, direct my eyes to
particular people, books or thing You wish to emphasize.
Let Your arresting power lead me to discover what it is
You have in store.

You only give us nudges
when something matters enough to You;
but You rarely fail to prompt us
when something significant is looming.

Since the spiritual world is entirely real,
and the battles hugely intense,
keep us mentally alert and fighting fit,
to arise as soldiers in your army,
as well as worshippers before Your throne.

11 Prayer for the Land mp3 1.5mb
  Music by Dvorak
My grief is beyond healing.
My heart is broken.
Listen to the weeping of My people.
It can be heard all across the land.
Has the Lord abandoned Jerusalem?
Is her King no longer there?

“Oh why have they angered me with their carved idols and worthless gods,” asks the Lord.
I weep for the hurt of people.
I am stunned and silent, mute with grief.
Is there no medicine in Gilead.
Is there no physician there?
Why is there no healing for the wounds of my people.
Oh that my eyes were a fountain of tears.
I would weep day and night for my people who have been slaughtered.

Therefore the Lord says, “See I will melt them in a crucible and test them like metal. What else can I do with them? Who is wise enough to understand all this? Who has been instructed by the Lord and can explain it to others? Why has the land been ruined so that no one even dares to travel through it?”

The Lord replies, “This has happened because my people have abandoned the instructions I gave them. They have refused to obey me. They have stubbornly followed their own desires. So now listen to what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel says. I will feed them with bitterness and give them poison to drink. Let not the wise man gloat in his wisdom, or the mighty man in his might or the rich man in his riches. Let them boast in this alone – that they truly know me, and understand that I am the Lord who is just and righteous, whose love is unfailing and that I delight in theses things. I the Lord have spoken.”

Lord, You search all hearts and examine secret motives. You give people their due rewards according to what their actions deserve. We know that our heart is utterly self-deceitful and desperately wicked. Forgive us Lord. We worship at your eternal high and glorious throne. Oh Lord, the Hope of Israel – all who turn away from you will be disgraced and shamed for they have forsaken the Lord the Fountain of Living Water. You alone can heal me. You alone can save. My praises are for you alone.

Then the Lord touched my mouth and said, “See I have put my words in your mouth.”
12 Darkness - Peace be still mp3 2.0mb
  Words and music by Carol Sampson
13 Gethsemane leads into the next track mp3 2.7mb
  Music by Linda Louisa

From time to time some of us go through Gethsemane experiences, not to substitute for Christ’s original sacrifice, but somehow to extend its scope in every generation. Such experiences not only make us eager to get to Heaven: they prepare us to meet Him there.

Lord Jesus,
although some might foolishly claim
that You only suffered pain and shame for a few short hours,
the truth is rather that from the moment Gabriel declared
that a sword would pierce Your mother’s heart,
Gethsemane’s haze overshadowed even the most carefree days.

So certain they were right,
the indignant Scribes and Pharisees
poured out their spite on those
who begged You to save their sight.

Quite failing to appreciate that You had come to set their captives free,
they sought to shun Your light.


Even so will those who live and move
in heavenly freedom be despised by some,
and loved by others,
for salt is both irritant and preservative.
Inspire in us such fulsome hope
that even when we are groping in the pain
of being the butt of those who mock
You keep our feet on the Rock.
For with You is not only fullness of joy
but also the ageless earnestness You displayed in the Garden of Gethsemane,
when the pressures all but overwhelmed Your defences,
and Your prayers drew blood to achieve the pardon for our offence.
Lord, since each one of us must choose
how we will respond
when the invitation comes to take our place in Your suffering bride,

grant that our hearts become stronger and not harder
through the things that we suffer –
even as heat softens wax and strengthens clay.

Since the darkness is to You as light,
give me grace to press on through the night,
for if I take the route of opting out,
I can never return.

But You are my redeemer and my intercessor,
who can renew hope and mercy a thousand times,
and so I choose life over death,
using even these great pressures to purify my desire –
for those who pay the price to endure
will reign with You in Paradise.

14 Times of Pressure
  Music by Linda Louisa

Leaders are not unique in discovering that there are few things more deadly to our soul than envy – though they do seem particularly susceptible to its pangs. May the Lord help us to declare war on all forms of envy, and refuse the enemy any entry point through self pity.
  When too many pressures come my way,
may my eyes not turn astray
to envy others for what they have that I do not,
for that would open the door for swift and silent adders
to inflame my heart with maddening desires.

Before I foolishly absorb such toxic venom,
I want to thank You for all You have given me –
and the continual freshness
of Your beautifully sculpted multi layered leadings.

Lord, since You are working out Your plans and purposes
with far more precision than might at first appear,
I will resist the temptation to cry out as Peter did,
“But Lord, what of him?”
for self pity is ever the gateway to inner disarray –
and of what use are comparisons
that make me feel smugly superior –
or hopelessly inferior?
  So in Your name we pour this poison
down the drain,
and bless the ones we are tempted to disdain.
Where my chosen path has reached an impasse,
with no room left to fulfil certain hopes,
let me not pout or doubt,
let alone whinge and whine,
for Your plans will never be entirely short-circuited
when we are absorbed in pursuing You.

If ever John on lonely Patmos felt inclined to envy Peter
for being long since restored to Heaven’s sweeter shores,
God knew that he was there to take possession of the Revelation
and to see the Redeemer with new eyes –
and we are where we are in order to receive
the fresh ignition of His specific commission;

for truly, the Judge of all the Earth does only what is right.

15 Everlasting Arms mp3 1.8mb
  Words and music by Carol Sampson

16 The Upside Down Kingdom mp3 1.5mb
  Music by Linda Louisa

So many of the best things God does turn worldly standards upside down:
The last shall be first, the weak strong, and the meek will inherit the earth. When everything feels strange, and makes no kind of sense, remember how the Lord has turned so many dilemmas around in the past. He delights in sending marvellous deliverances – even when He chooses to hide behind the event and remain anonymous.
Lord, there is much I do not understand right now,
but You who gave fins to fish
and wings to birds,
always have things in mind for me to do;
and even a mystery is only a mystery until revelation
makes it part of Your living history.

Since it is not so much rules that I must follow
as the willingness to seek and be surprised;
grant me the time and energy I need
to attend to such duties as You call me to –
and put certain other things aside.

My richest awareness of You catches me unawares,
but often disappears within the hour,
whereas some trials last for months if not for years.
What we so greatly fear,
and man declares impossible,
You delight to bring about,
with a twinkle in Your eye.


When great ordeals come our way,
grant us grace to round up
praying friends,
for though You sometimes afflict with hand picked trials,
You always have some special end
in sight;
and when Your threshing tool has performed its trail blazing track,
You return it to its rack.

Now that You have dried our eyes
and moved threatening clouds aside
it leaves room for Your Spirit to remove all limits –
for our light and momentary afflictions
are achieving an eternal weight of glory
that far outweighs all trials.

Jesus has completed
all His Father sent Him to do;
He is risen indeed, in a love that knows no limits –
and so we must seek to both love and forgive.

Your desire for us to be one
is as strong as it is lifelong;
and those who persist in pursuing unity
will reign with You forever
in the glory You enjoyed
from before the creation of the world.

Jesus, You laid down Your life for us,
and the time is near when You will send Your angels
to gather Your elect from the uttermost parts of the earth;
therefore we pledge not to shirk,
but to watch and work
until the times have reached their fulfilment,
and You bring all things together under one Head,
even Christ our King.

17 Waterfall mp3 3.0mb
  Music by Linda Louisa

It is tragic when believers view the world through a frame of their own making, rather than in the light of God’s self-revelation in His Word and through the ages. When John the Baptist sought reassurance that Jesus really was the Promised One, Jesus pointed him not to doctrines and dogma set in stone but to the living witness of His awesome power.

Forgive us, Lord, for all the ways in which we shrink You to fit our own small ideas. May our world view expand to embrace the reality of who You really are, and to proclaim the fulness of Your kingdom.

Lord, we are moving towards the place
where we worship before Your throne,
free from all the particles
that sully the flow of Your rainfall.
Drench and quench each one of us
in the unending stream of Your waterfall.

Let the water of life flow out to all we are concerned for,
Yes, let all who hear these words and music
moisten dry parched lips and quench their thirst in You
as they find and follow Your Spirit’s leading.
Sluice away the cloying dust and dirt
as You rain your living water on us, Lord;
clear refreshing liquid that
cascades and thunders through our lives.

Give us the courage to leap with You
outside our comfort zone,
beyond the edge of human reason
where faith and love hold sway.*

Let us be living stones,
emerging from the ocean depths,
once crushed and broken by the crashing waves and tides,
but now smoothed and sculpted,
honed in Heaven’s light
to become sparkling jewels within Your Kingdom.*
(*adapted from a poem by Nancy Brook)

Thank You that You have brought life and immortality to light through the gospel; (2 Tim. 1:10)
and just as You raised Jesus from the dead,
may You also raise my friends and neighbours with Him
and present them alive in Your presence.
May the veil that is over them be taken away. (2 Cor. 4:14)

Harness all the learning You would imbue our minds with,
express all the virtue You would weave in our soul.
Radiate Your presence to a people devoid of You;
for although their needs are often inconvenient,
You want us to be more lenient:
for people matter most of all to You.

Lord, one drop of Your inspiration
dispels the inner strife that is so rife.
We pray for that living water
to envision and empower all who proclaim Your name;
and, whatever may befall,
let us be carriers of Your Kingdom call

Lord, let good sense prevail
in the decisions that we face;
bucketfuls of common sense
when all around are feeling tense.

We ask for God-given sense
to prevail in matters still in great suspense.
In human terms they may appear too close to call:
but we plead with You to establish outcomes that bring glory to Your name.

May those afraid to enter the water,
turn at last to You
and reach their heart’s true centre:
the One who sees and hears their inner plea.

Since ingrained ingratitude makes us unclean,
may we never take our clean running water for granted,
at this time where death and disease lie hidden in the mud
when the great floods rush by.
Thank You Lord for its constant provision
when it is such a scant commodity in so many parts of the world.

Lord, the water You gave to be a blessing
has all too often become a means for repressing,
in both spiritual and political realms.

Overrule the pressures that are building;
guide and challenge those who control the water flow.
Raise up springs where none existed before;
Re-open wells where You are not worshipped any more
and be especially with those who walk enormous distances
hoping not to be turned away as hindrances;
Yes, overrule the pressures that are building;
guide and challenge those who control the water flow.

18 Benediction mp3 2.5mb
  Music by Linda Louisa

Lord, If there is any theme
You would have us develop,
any dream envelop;
if there is any person You would have us visit,
or cup of suffering You would have us drain;
any truth You wish to make explicit,
any terrain claim by Your Spirit ,
then stretch out Your hand to achieve these holy purposes.


Lord, I place this trusted friend
in the care of healing love.
I pray that You will lead him every minute of his day,
and as I carry him in my heart,
alert me when he stands in special need of grace,
so that he may make the most of every chance
that You direct His way.
Bless, cherish and embolden him
to be all that You can make him be.

And Lord, I place my precious friend
in the care of Love eternal.
Place her like a seal over my heart,
for love is as strong as death,
burning like a blazing fire
that many waters cannot quench.
Thank You for all the love she brings,
and all the things we do together;
all the service she performs for You.
Help me carry her in my heart,
and lift her daily before the throne of grace.
Bless, cherish and replenish her
to be all that she can be for You.

Let the peace of Your music
and the truth of your word
address the emptiness in people’s lives
Enfold in love the weighed down crowds
who know so little of Your saving touch.
Reach out to the overlooked ones
and replace dejection with entirely fresh new direction
as we commit them to Your threefold care.

Release the fullness of Your power and presence
in the spheres and regions we hold most dear:
each one of these villages, towns and cities,
and the professions that need the touch of Your refreshing.

Bless, too, this place:
and let each room become the place
of Your embrace:
a firebase that inspires many
to draw near to Your courts.

Let Your special blessing
rest on each person who has heard these words and music.
Let them bear much fruit
as they receive afresh the Spirit of prayer
and come up higher to see what must soon take place

Now may God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.
May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.

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Readers: Musicians: Recording Engineer:
Robert Weston
Francis Cummings - Violin & Keyboard
Director of Musicians
Colin Owen
Rosalind Weston Linda Louisa - Vocals & Keyboard  
Andrew Whettam Peter Richards - French Horn & Keyboard  
  Shirley Richards - Violin  
  Susannah Herzog - Violin  
  Keith Entwistle - Percussion  
  Andrew Whettam - Percussion  
  Dave Hart - Flute  
  Thomas Herzog - Oboe  
  Helen Richards - Vocalist  
  Judith Souter - Cello  
  Andrew Whettam - Percussion  
  Christiane Max - Viola  
  Hilary Trotter - Violin  
I would like to thank in particular, David Jackson and Robert Eggleston for their advice in the early stages of developing the prayer poems; Linda Louisa in the middle stage, and in particular Harmony Greenwood, who was a delight to work with in the final stages of editing the poems; and my wife, Rosalind, at every stage, as she read and pondered them on numerous train journeys to work. Sally Mowbray has displayed everything beautifully on the web, and Colin Owen performed wonders, overseeing the whole recording and post production process.

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  Musicians and Readers
Robert Weston
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Francis Cummings
Linda Louisa

Peter Richards
Keith Entwistle
Thomas Herzog
Christiane Max
Hilary Trotter
Judith Souter
Carol Sampson
Andrew Whettam
Co-Reader and Percussion