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The Quest for Wisdom


If you've never read the Book of Sirach before, this is a great way to discover it. We are displaying below the first of several instalments in an entirely new presentation of this book.

Ros and Alex joined me in recording this collection of edited highlights from the work of Jesus ben Sira, with occasional excerpts from the book of Wisdom. This short film represents the first couple of minutes of a major presentation - with the words set to inspired music and beautiful thought provoking images.

The Book of Sirach, which is also known as Ecclesiasticus, or The Wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach was composed in Hebrew about 200 B.C. by Joshua Ben Sirach.

He was a teacher in the wisdom tradition.

The book is somewhat similar in style to the book of James, in that it consists of a series of proverbs and wise sayings grouped together in short discourses, or organized along thematic lines.

The book was included in the original Authorised Bible, and is still to be found in
the Catholic and Orthodox Bibles.


Part Two
The Wisdom of Sirach



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